Monday, 1 October 2012

Wet Season bliss

Today is officially the first day of the Wet Season.

Yesterday was the last day of the Dry Season.

It rained.
Yes, after 148 days of dry weather we had two quite heavy showers early in the morning. We recorded 40ml here and the gutters were flowing. The temperature dropped. The wind blew strongly. The noise was enough to waken those sleepy heads still in bed after sunrise.

Beautiful cool day yesterday. Heavy cloud in the morning but blue skies later. The trees have been washed. The grass soaked up a huge drink. Leaves have cleared from paths. Colours are brighter. The dust has been rinsed from roofs. Fabulous. Wonderful. Bliss.

And if obviously rained around here during last night as the ground was quite wet while we went for our morning walk. A few puddles. Very lovely feeling.

This is definitely how I felt.

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