Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Christmas poem

This is rather charming.
Christmas in Alice Springs is hot and dry.
If you do not know much about Alice Springs then imagine a town close to nowhere, two days drive to any really big place, camels, red dirt, heat, art galleries, and cattle. Think Uluru. Think about people living in a desert environment. The coldest temperature ever recorded in the NT was -7 degrees Celsius one winter in Alice Springs, but the slogan that sticks in my mind is, "See Alice when she's hot." It is not the hottest place in Australia. But it is really interesting and worth visiting.
This site will tell you a little more. http://www.outback-australia-travel-secrets.com/alice-springs-australia.html  This site is much better http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Springs

Here's an Aussie Christmas poem. Author unknown.

Christmas in Alice Springs

Christmas in the Alice is like no other place I know.
Santa doesn't like it much 'cause there isn't any snow.
His reindeer get all grumpy as the waterholes go dry,
For when it's stinkin' hot down here it’s bloody hard to fly.

Dressed up in a winter suit isn't very wise.
His nose gets even redder and the sweat runs in his eyes.
Once he nearly missed us and his nose began to freak.
By the time he turned the whole thing 'round, he'd got to Tennant Creek

He always seems to make it and he's full of Christmas cheer,
For when he's finally landed he's guaranteed a beer.
He leaves behind his presents with a cheery ho ho smile,
Then they pour him back upon his sled and off he roars in style.

Now someone asked old Santa if he'd ever lived in fear
Of being one day caught while drunk in charge of deer.
He gave a little chuckle with a twinkle in his eye.
You may have cops with cars down here but none of them can fly.

And then there was this rumour, or so I've heard it said.
He once used six white boomers to pull along his sled.
He thought it was a good idea while travelling in the bush,
But they hopped off into the scrub one day and left him there to push.

So if you should spend a Christmas out in Alice Springs
Be very well prepared mate for some bloody funny things.
Big fat men in bright red suits scream across the sky,
And sweaty grumpy reindeer complain loudly as they fly.

Through all the dust, the flies, the heat, and every thing it brings,
Santa carries prezzies out back to Alice Springs.
I told to you this story 'cause I thought you all should know.
Santa doesn't like it much 'cause there isn't any snow.

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