Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ambulance, please.

This photo is from the ABC News website.
Scary day.

My dear husband had another ride in an ambulance. Not his first but his first for a long time.

He experienced some extremely strong pain just below his heart while he was calmly sitting at a computer doing boring data entry. Yes, it was during one of his his volunteering days at the Herbarium.

A similar event occurred last year, but I took him to the hospital then.

The Herbarium staff phoned an ambulance and took wonderful care of him. One of the scientists rang me and spoke so calmly and kindly to me and suggested I drive to the hospital. Then another couple of the scientists drove his car home and even parked it perfectly in our squashy parking bay. They dropped off the keys safely too. I am so incredibly grateful.

This rather old photo is from the RDH website.
Our public hospital is a busy place. It is the major hospital for the entire Northern Territory. We have one private hospital here in Darwin and several small hospitals in regional centres. But the big important stuff comes to RDH.

The ambulance and hospital staff were fabulous. He spent nine hours in the emergency section of Royal Darwin Hospital. What was it? Heart attack? No. Weakness in a blood vessel? Maybe. Scans. Blood tests. X-rays. Everything that could be done, was done. Perhaps it is angina. More tests have been ordered.

Here is a website that discusses angina.

No charge whatsoever. Thank you Australia for your public health services.

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