Sunday, 18 November 2012

Beautiful ballet in Darwin

Last night we went to the ballet. Coppelia. Wonderful.

There must be some sort of federally funded arts program where imported principal ballet artists tour and work with small local companies to improve their standards. Whatever it is I applaud. This is the second time in recent years we have seen Coppelia done this way. Three marvellous principals. One very large local ballet school. Huge expensive theatre. Top notch advertising. Beautiful costumes, lighting, etc. Massive appreciative audience.

Jin Yao was the imported ballerina and she is a Principal Dancer with the Hong Kong Ballet. It was a joy to watch her dance Swanhilde. I felt she connected with me personally. I know that actually she could not see the audience, but she acted as if she performed for each person. It was a lovely feeling. here is a link for a chat with this terrific performer.

Adam Thurlow was Franz. He is from the Paris Opera Ballet and the Australian Ballet. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy his performance. He made the scenes come to life with his acting and dance. Great. Love those muscled thighs on men who dance. You need to scroll down a long way through this link to find him.

Adrian Dimitrievitch was Dr Copellius. He is from the Berlin Ballet. This role does not lend itself to much expression but I think his part was really to teach about choreography and stage skills.

The Darwin Symphony Orchestra played for the performance. The locals are all volunteers. Playing for ballet is a little different, but I think that actually the dancers stretched their work to match the music last night.

The company was from the Palmerston Association for dancing. The best part of the evening was the large number of children taking part in the performance. It is absolutely wonderful that they could share the stage with such accomplished artists. I am sure that they and their families learned lots and lots. The youngest ballet students would have been two years old. The were adorable as they pushed other about, scratched their noses, and danced the way their teachers wanted. Little boys and girls enrich such a show. They did well.

Some small roles were filled by local adult identities. One popular politician had a role as the priest and did well. I think the others were sports people.

The costumes were so lovely. Whoever made them did a great job. Little pink tutus so stiff they pointed upwards at times. Sparkles on Swanhilde's costume. All new and delightful.

It was a wonderful night out.

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