Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Exam time signal

It must be exam time!!!

Sometimes you get a petal with different colouring.

Why do I think this?

I have no exams myself. I have no children doing exams at school or university.

The poinciana trees are in bloom. Poincianas originate in Madagascar. They are not all the same shade of orange. Some are almost red, some are definitely orange. We do not get the yellow variety here at all. In fact I have never seen it.

Yes, at this time of year those fabulous bright flowers dot the city. Green, green, green, orange, green, green.

We have lots of shady trees, of course, because we are in a hot place. Without shady trees life here would be unpleasant. With shade the house becomes cooler, everyone can be outside, the landscape is softer, and the wildlife is appreciated.

Poinciana trees are so lovely in a family garden. They give dappled shade which allows us to plant gardens underneath. The grass will grow in the partial light. These low spreading branches silently call out for swings and cubbies. The seed pods are fun even though it is inevitable that they become play swords and weapons. The seed pods are long, about 40cm and woody. Crash bang. Good fun to play with.

And best of all, at this time of year, the beginning of the Wet season, the flowers appear. The beginning of the Wet season is when major exams are held in our schools. Just a coincidence really, but like a light or flag, one signalling the other.

Here is a website about poincianas.
And another

The name Flame Tree is used for a quite different tree in Australia. Poincianas are not known by other names  unless the speaker is unfamiliar with Australian gardens.

In some other parts of Australia the jacaranda trees come into bloom at exam time. Purple is nice, but people in those places probably wish that they had bright orange poinciana flowers around them.

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  1. Wow, that is so interesting! I love the pretty blooms, and they look so big!


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