Friday, 30 November 2012

No work for me this morning!!

There was a breach of national security last night here at one of the Defence Force bases. (The one where I work!)

We have a Navy patrol base called HMAS Coonawarra inside a general Defence Base at Larrakeyah. An intruder got aboard one of the patrol boats, overpowered the officer on duty, tied him up, and ransacked the armoury, before escaping. It all sounds like a movie, doesn't it?

Usually to get onto the base I have to go through a major security check by a civilian guard. Then I may drive onto the base. To get onto Coonawarra there is another security checkpoint. It would seem that entry was by sea in this case.

NT Police, Federal Police and the Defence Force are all investigating. The theft of the weapons is most alarming. We are not being informed what was stolen.

I work at Larrakeyah in the mornings, well four mornings a week actually. I have my superannuation, my work as a tutor, and this extra job. I like being busy. I had to be screened before I could be employed as a civilian on the base.

Here is a photo taken this morning of the main checkpoint at the entrance to the base. The people in blue are the NT Police. Behind the police car is the fence of the local school.

Photo from NT News.
Here is a link about the story.

My boss will be quite busy today. Because the base is in lock down no kitchen staff will be able to get to work. When there is a lock down, no outsiders are allowed in, no meals are cooked, no cleaning is done, no construction workers are allowed in, no gardeners, ... and the situation is as if the base were at war.

Tonight is the Christmas party for the Sergeants' Mess where I work. There are turkeys, chickens, hams, and beef roasts all ready to pop into the oven for tonight. Decorations must be hung and other preparations made. Last year's party ended at about 4.30 in the morning. Staff were glad to finally go home. I am not eligible to work at this party because I do not yet have the formal uniform. There will be three chefs, a dozen stewards, bar staff, and kitchen hands. It is not silver service, but it still quite a nice event for the families.

I hope everything will be calm and orderly soon. I also hope the thugs are caught of course!!!

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