Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Paying for electricity

In our old house we had solar hot water so our electricity bill was always quite low. Now we live in a flat so solar just isn't ever going to happen. Electric hot water and electric stove.

We make fortnightly payments of $30 to the PowerWater Corporation and have ended up in lots of credit over about a year. Over $200. Most fortuitous given the latest electricity news around here.(Will I do a double superlative and say mostest?)

Recently a new government was elected here in the NT and one of their first moves has been to increase electricity tariffs.
How much will we pay now?

In New South Wales electricity costs 41.42 cents per kilowatt-hour;
          in SA it is 40.19 cents;
          in Tasmania 32.78c;
          here in the Northern Territory it is going up to 30.51c;
          Victoria 28.70c;
          Western Australia 26.99c;
          Queensland 26.84c; and
          Australian Capital Territory 23.06c.

I wonder what other households pay.
I read on some blogs about how expensive electricity and water is now, particularly in Britain.
The source of this image is

Our water bills are also increasing:
SA charges $4.2415 per kilolitre;
          Queensland $3.5050;
          Northern Territory will now charge $3.1998;
          Australian Capital Territory $3.0552;
          New South Wales $2.7614;
          Victoria $2.6589; and
          Western Australia $ 2.2557.

As a senior I get a subsidy from the government towards my water and electricity bills. One subsidy per household, no matter how many seniors live there! It is a small percentage up to a maximum of $1 per day. Not a lot but not too bad either.
Here is the link about our PowerWater Corporation, which is wholly owned by our government.

The average family will have to find an extra $2000 per year to meet these increases.
Doubtless more bad news will soon arrive as shops and other businesses realise that they depend on electricity to stay functioning.

My superannuation is a fixed amount with only very small increases each calendar year. I am so lucky I got myself a part-time job to supplement this.

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