Saturday, 3 November 2012

Potato and Leek Bread

I do like a little treat for my breakfast at the weekends. A special home made bread is always welcome.

Today I made potato and leek bread using my bread machine. It turned out well. We will have a tiny snack and then it will be sliced. Some will go in the freezer, two slices to a small bag. Tomorrow will be a slightly  more indulgent morning though.

Potato and Leek Bread
The ingredients in the pan.
Use the order I listed.
Wet followed by dry. Space between sugar, salt and yeast.


                  375 ml water
                  3 Tablespoons oil
                  2 teaspoons salt
                  2 Tablespoons sugar
                  4 cups bread flour
                  2 Tablespoons milk powder
                  4 Tablespoons instant potato flakes
                  1 sachet yeast
                  3/4 cup chopped leek

  1. This makes a 1 kilogram loaf.
  2. Put everything in the bread machine and set on Basic bread with a Light crust. 
  3. When the bread is finished it will look pale, but it will be ready.
I found my loaf rose a lot. You can see how it stuck to the handle.

Finished loaf ready to slice. You can see that it really rose a lot.
Thankfully it fell down a bit or maybe the lid would have lifted.
This bread tastes savoury and delicious. Could serve with dinner. I think it will be pretty good spread with butter and accompanied by a cup of coffee. Whoops! You can see where I have torn off the taster's share.

Added later: This bread is better if cut in thick slices. It is quite light and thin slices are difficult to cut. But it tastes delicious and I am glad I made it. Thick slices are good too.

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