Saturday, 24 November 2012

Schoolies Week tragedy

This is a very sad story. It has been on the news repeatedly over the past few days.

The Year 12 students celebrate the end of their school years with Schoolies Week. The Gold Coast goes to massive amounts of trouble to hold activities that are safe and supervised. Extra Police. Concerts. Sports. Organised parties. Some students go to Bali for Schoolies Week where there are no such safety mechanisms. This tragic story is from the Gold Coast.

Who should bear the shame and blame? Some people would say that no-one is to blame except the girl who killed herself, but in reality she was influenced by many others. Her family. Her religion. Her teachers. Her school. Her friends.

Accidents are preventable. This was not an accident. She was alone, 26 floors up in a safe building.

Yes, her action was really foolish. That says a lot about the girl. It also implies a lot about her school friends who accompanied her on this trip. Friends, true friends, watch out for each other. 

Nobody held a gun to this girl’s head. She acted according to her own code of behaviour, which had been scaffolded and supported by her family, her school, her religion, her sporting clubs, and her friends. Why didn't she know there were other possibilities? Where were the coaches, teachers, family members and others who were supposed to guide her development? What did they do and say to encourage the growth of thoughts of self-destruction?

Would I trust her family? No. It is the job of the parents to care about their children. Such terrible events do not just suddenly fall out of a clear blue sky. The parents should have cared more. 

Would I send my child to that school? No. They had a job to do and they failed.                

Would I encourage my child to be friends with her friends? No. Most definitely not!!!

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