Monday, 5 November 2012

So much Christmas already

The shops are stuffed with Christmas already and we have not even held the Melbourne Cup yet. So early!!!

Froogs has even been cooking ridiculous amounts of food. It probably has to mature.

This is full of interesting and slightly different ideas.

You could follow this blog and join their campaign.

Watch this short clip.

Have you experienced success with the charities offering to give ducks and goats and other services? You pay. They do it. Your friend gets a card saying it was done.
I must admit that when I did it, and it was for ten people in my family, we were ripped off by a world-wide  prominent charity. No cards ever arrived but they took my money. I am guessing no goodies ever arrived for the intended recipients either. When my sister tried the same idea with another charity she was also cheated. They took her money but no-one got any notifications. Again this was a very prominent charity.
Once I received a card from a charity along these lines, so sometimes it might work.

Now, we give quite a few magasine subscriptions as it saves on postage but the recipients gets pleasure for a long time.

I think I have done a fair share of Christmas preparations for this time of year.

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