Saturday, 10 November 2012

Something different

I am an absolute sucker for the quirky and eccentric. Perhaps they are mainstream for some people.

I was reading a newsletter about quilting and followed a link. I found this.

Photos are from the Texas Junk Company

Some quilters went to this second hand shop on an excursion and found the true Texas experience.

Not just boots of course in this shop, but boots are the big draw card. Flat, heeled, snake skin, pointy, embroidered, tooled, the list goes on. Western boots cost hundreds of dollars here when new. I wondered how much they cost new in Texas and how much in this shop. And I wondered why people sold they good used boots.

Now, looking at or even buying some old boots will not make me a better quilter, but thinking about it will make me smile.

Here is a map. .

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