Saturday, 22 December 2012

Casino but not Royale

I went to the casino.
What, you thought a little town like mine would not stoop so low?

We have had our casino for about 25 years and it certainly is no longer the dirty carpet, lurchy drunks, stinky cigarette smoke place it once was.

These days it is called Skycity Darwin, but the business has gone through several owners and names.
Our casino is a large hotel with gambling on the side, more or less.
This is a close up of the main entrance.
You walk up a hill for about two hundred metres to this gleaming white pyramid.
Along the path the lawns are magnificent and speakers play music to help you relax.
The hotel section has more than 150 rooms, six restaurants, a ballroom, and specialist function and entertainment facilities including a huge lawn for outdoor concerts by the beach.
The casino section has more than thirty table games and (Ghastly!!) more than 700 gaming machines. Foreign currency transactions are possible, but you have to leave the casino area to use an ATM. The government regulations insist that no credit cards may be used in the casino area. There are special facilities for the wealthy clients so they do not have to mix with riffraff like me. Some gamblers come from Singapore for some fun here in quiet little Darwin. This arrangement seems to be a very profitable one for all concerned.

Here is a link.

Getting off the point!
My knitting and craft group had our Christmas celebration in one of the restaurants at the casino. A buffet lunch of everything you could imagine. Huge quantities of food. As much as you can eat. Soups, casseroles, curries, roasts, baked dishes, pasta, rice, salads, vegetables, fruit, cheeses, and at least six different deserts. Coffee and soft drinks are included in the price. Lunch is $20 and dinner in the same restaurant is $30. Because I am a Senior it was even cheaper for me. There are at least one hundred tables inside and more outside by the pool and children's playground. No rush. Beautifully clean and modern. Lovely staff.

This Christmas tree stands near the hotel section.
The sqiggly lines are because the bitumen can not take the heat
and tar must be applied to the cracks regularly.
Did I gamble? Not this time. I have tried using the gaming machines but that is not to my taste. I have tried table games in the past and 2-up. I quite enjoy those, but value my money too much to indulge again.

Have I been to the entertainment at the casino? Yes, but not for a couple of years. They get some good shows and the prices are quite reasonable. Good entertainment is not common here because artists do not want to travel so far and the customers do not want to pay the usual prices. Ages ago I went to a Chris Christofferson concert and more recently some opera. They put on some excellent balls but those are a little out of my league. Prices are usually around $300 per single ticket.

The casino pays massive amounts of tax of course. The NT government channels lots of that money into sporting facilities and some also funds the gambling addiction programs.

I am happy to use the facilities of our Skycity casino, but not to gamble there. If you gamble, then gamble responsibly.

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