Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas panic

Here are some free screen savers I downloaded from somewhere on the internet a few weeks ago. My sincere apologies to the real owners and artists, but they were offered free. I found these to be calming, non-charity, non-Santa, non-political, non-religious, and all that other stuff. Even vegetarians and animal rights activists will find them acceptable I think. (Soy candles??) Put them in your Christmas file for next year or use them right now until the twelve days of Christmas are over.

These images are from
vintage Christmas cards.
A small amount of Christmas panic has crept into my day.

My lovely new sewing machine has decided to misbehave. Some computerised part has malfunctioned. Bah, humbug. Yes, I should have sewn those emergency gifts months ago. I needed one today! Someone shall have a box of the home-made peppermint creams instead and I will work on more later for our little family. The sewing will be finished later and set aside for next Christmas. It is not like this has never happened before!

The gift stashed in the wine fridge will be given to our daughter in January sometime after she returns from her trip away. Yes, her brother sent all the presents in one massive parcel to our address and the labels fell off. So she was given one gift but not the second. I still can not work out who all those other parcels are for, even though we have seen the instructions in writing. More bah humbug.

We have far too much food to be decent. Nuts. Chocolates. Christmas muffins. Christmas bread. Fruit. Crystallised ginger. The cake I made in October or so will be eaten with joy because ...
  • the taste is not that bad, 
  • there is such a lot of it, 
  • I feel lazy, 
  • a cake is just a cake anyway. Bah, humbug.
Will be partying tonight with German friends. We are quite multicultural here. Other guests will be from Great Britain, Ireland, France, Philipines, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, East Timor, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, and India.

The Russian Father Frost who arrives by troika.


  1. Nice photo from you with the elephant.

    Hope your sewing machine can be fixed.

    kind regards from YokkoBears

  2. I hate it when machines are smarter than me...that's almost daily! Fortunately, I have more than one sewing machine so when one decides to act up...another takes its place. so there! -grin-


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