Thursday, 20 December 2012

Gardens and gardening

Are you a gardener?
Cats' whiskers - easy to grow
I am not a good gardener although I try. I need to try more diligently. Even my potplants suffer from pests. The bromeliads are bomb proof, but I do not choose varieties which are difficult to grow. When we lived in a house my lawn was never the most even and lush. My gingers and heliconias failed to reach great heights, although they did flower quite prolifically. Maybe the origin of the problem was the soil, maybe the gardener.

For a few weeks I am minding a garden belonging to a close friend. The dog loves it when someone is fiddling about in the garden, although he is not much good at any of the tasks except digging. I am watering the orchids and pulling a few weeds, collecting fallen palm fronds and running the sprinkler. It is fun. Maybe if I had to do this and everything else it might not be such fun for long.

The following sign comes from the North Carolina Aquarium. I understand the feeling, although I would have expected that people would be encouraged to use the lawns and gardens at an establishment supporting knowledge of the natural world. What might be the purpose of their gardens? Should the plants be replaced with sculptures of steel? I admire the vocabulary. I wonder why it is required. There must be something about this I do not know.

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