Friday, 28 December 2012

Gorgeous prize

A while back the lovely and creative Roslyn from Sew Delicious posted a great tutorial for an advent calendar. It was simple to do and looked fabulous. A multitude of felt pockets all held on the wall with reposition-able hooks. Easy to change the height to suit the household pets and the children. Easy to store afterwards. There was a generous giveaway along with this post and I entered.

It is my lucky day, again. I was awarded a prize pack of hooks and they have now arrived. Thank you Roslyn. Thank you also to the 3M company who make and market Command hooks. The little adhesive strips are all transparent which is an improvement in my eyes. There are five different sizes which is really great.

Well, they will not be used for this year's advent calendar but I have plenty of other uses in mind, including some New Year's Eve nonsense. I will probably share some of these with my daughter who lives in rented accommodation. That advent calendar is still on the program for next time though.

I live in a highrise in the CBD and although I own my home I sometimes do not want to make holes in the walls. There are many rules here about Christmas decorations on the doors and so forth. Thou shalt not ...

Yes, advertising in this way is working.

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