Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hoax phone call

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge
The news services here today have been all abuzz with the story of a Sydney radio station which telephoned the hospital where Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is staying.
The poor woman is dreadfully ill with morning sickness, to the point that she has to stay in hospital.

Two Sydney radio station employees impersonated Queen Elisabeth and Prince Charles and were given confidential information relating to Kate Wales's health. The radio station employees conducted the hoax call with the full knowledge of the radio station management. The London hospital security service allowed the access. The telephone conversation was recorded and not broadcast live. A solicitor checked the content before it went to air

Here is a link.

I think this prank was generally harmless. Definitely bad taste. Definitely an invasion of the patient's privacy. No-one should record a hospital conversation like that. I would not like it to happen to me or my loved ones. The nurse involved was probably tired and busy so I do not think she is to blame. But, I do think that hospital security should have screened the call. After the recent phone tapping scandal that has rocked Britain, this could be a crime, although as the call was an international one there is some doubt.

It is sad to me that the Royal family are treated badly by the Press at times. They do not have much freedom, given that they have not actually chosen huge areas of their lifestyle. These otherwise normal people live an inherited role which carries with it the obligations and honour of their country.
It seems that many people love Kate and William because they are so happy in public. They do their best and always behave as we would like young people in our own families to behave. I really hope they recover from this unfortunate incident. I hope both Kate and the baby are OK.

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