Tuesday, 4 December 2012

New bookshelf

We have a new bookshelf. That might seem minor to other families, but we have an awkward entrance to our flat and any new piece of furniture is chosen partly because we can manoeuvre it through the doorway. The delivery man is to be congratulated on his efforts moving this with just a small hand trolley.

My  husband  saw the shelves one day when he was window shopping and raced home grinning hugely to tell his news. It almost matches a cabinet we already own. This was just what we needed. Not a perfect match but coordinated and impressive. The cabinet is the holdall for inherited objects and little treasures.

These pieces of furniture are imported from Bali. The timber is teak. It is a warm golden colour, and is really solid.
In Bali there are highly talented wood carvers who make furniture from recycled timber, sometimes from old houses and sometimes from boats. This timber is well seasoned and never warps or splits. I can think of five or six shops here in my city who sell these pieces.

Sometimes a factory in Bali will make several pieces the same, sometimes each piece has its own charm. When I use the term 'factory" it is not like the European connotation of a factory. These are more like artists workshops.

If you look carefully
you can understand why I think they match.
We like the carving, and the more ornate the better for us. (Yes, other styles of furniture are made in Bali.) See the lovely side panels on the new shelves. Yes, that will definitely collect dust. I decided I do not particularly care about that at the moment.

We spent some cheerful time smeared in teak oil trying to be good housekeepers. The timber was quite thirsty.

We have thoroughly enjoyed moving the books about. Move, rearrange, read a few pages, talk about something. Love that. Books about famous people. Books about European exploration of the Pacific region. Books about houses and styles of furniture. It was heavenly to rediscover books I had forgotten we own.

We have two sets of shelves in the spare room, containing novels. There are two more sets in the hallway with books about indigenous people of the world, and a few encyclopaedias. I won't bore you with the others; but there are a lot of books at our place. Most are non fiction.

This little video is not great but it does show something about Balinese workmanship.

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  1. oh I love your bookcase! It sounds as though you have some great books...


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