Saturday, 1 December 2012

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree

The tree is finally up. Tinsel is fluttering as the fans whirl. You will probably see other views of my world at a later date.

This year we are using only the top two sections of the tree and I have placed it on a metal hatbox. Just the right size for us. Of course it is a fake tree; I live in the tropics. Of course there are no food-like decorations. Just imagine what the insects and ants would do with that, to say nothing of the humidity. This is a quiet little corner, out of the way but still highly visible.
I spy with my little eye some space for gifts around the base. 
Last year we still had the tree in the room when we had to race about and bring heavy pot plants and out door furniture inside. It should all be easier this season when the storms start. We live quite high up and the winds get ferocious.
Our windows and doors are tinted to protect us from the sun. It makes things appear a bit greenish. You can see the tropical blue harbour in the background and a freighter going past. That fuzzy line is the bush on the other side of the harbour. 
Yes, that is a boomerang on the wall, from around Normanton. It is decorated with real ochre and was made in 1969. The dark circle is a beautiful hand woven dish from Bali, really intricate work.

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