Friday, 21 December 2012

Peppermint creams for Christmas

A number of blogs have recently talked about making peppermint creams. Sounds simple. One mother successfully made them with her preschool children. So, I decided to give it a try. Hmmm. Tempting fate??

Some of my peppermint creams with edible gold glitter.
I ended up with about 60.
      1 can condensed milk
      1 kilo icing sugar
      1 teaspoon green peppermint flavouring
      1 block cooking chocolate


  1. Combine ingredients. It makes a heavy dough a bit like marzipan.
  2. Knead and roll until smooth.
  3. Roll out and cut out shapes with petit fours cutters. 
  4. Set out on some baking paper. 
  5. Drizzle chocolate over.
  6. Package and act like a genius.
What could go wrong???

Left over dough. Now safely in the freezer.
Each lump is about half the size of my fist.
These pieces were easy to knead and roll.
Firstly, do not add the flavouring to all the mixture at the beginning. Make the dough. Halve or quarter it and only flavour one portion. You will definitely have to adjust the amount of flavouring. You could flavour and colour each portion differently. Rose. Strawberry. Kahlua. Rum. You can freeze the mixture you do not use today.

Secondly, drizzling chocolate is tricky. It gets everywhere. Well, it did in my kitchen. Maybe if you live in a chilly home it might be simpler. Today was overcast and cool and I definitely had trouble. It was only about 28 degrees C. Not hot. Not sweaty. Did not even need the fans. The finger licking was good at the time, but I feel pretty crook now.

Thirdly, the original recipe said it would make about 40. I reckon I will get about 200 out of this mixture. I definitely need more than 500g chocolate.

Fourthly, packaging is almost impossible. How do people do this? There must be something on Youtube somewhere.

I did as suggested but had to find an easier way. Messy. In the end I rolled some of the mixture into little balls and placed them in tiny foil cups. Then I spooned some melted chocolate on top. I sprinkled edible glitter on top of that and hoped that the eaters would get them out of the foil without any disasters. Into some takeaway containers and into the freezer.

Check out this post on Science Sparks and see if you can do it well. You are bound to be more successful than I was. It is supposed to be really easy. Obviously I am not as smart as a preschooler.
I got my recipe from The Great British Cookbook, because I did not want half a tin of condensed milk left over. It is basically the same, but larger quantities.

I admit these taste fabulous. Some will be given as gifts after I work out the packaging issue. Easter and Valentines Day are looking like occasions for peppermint creams this year.

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