Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Superb Christmas Day 2012

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A wonderful day. A superb day indeed.

I am very lucky indeed to have received some lovely gifts. I would like to mention a few.
The book is written exactly how Minh speaks.
She has lived such an interesting life.
My husband presented me with an assortment of books. One was written by a dear friend but every time I had looked in the bookstores it was sold out. How did he do that?
My husband liked his present which is a box heavily inlaid with mother-of-pearl. I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen and have had it stashed away for many months. The craftsmanship is so good.
The gift from my son was a shopping bag with a vintage map of Melbourne on the side. Beat that you local shoppers! Not that I am actually competitive, am I? Now I am reminded that I have a shopping bag somewhere that is a souvenir of Vancouver - a gift from somebody else who travels. One kind thought links with another.

The much maligned sewing machine has decided to work. Hallelujah! Hoorah! Whoopee! I went back through the computer and deleted saved instructions. A tiny piece of thread worked its way out of the bobbin too. The relief is enormous.

Living so far away from family members the Christmas phone calls are really important. One of my sisters-in-law telephoned and we spoke happily. That in itself is a minor miracle as we had been very angry at each other lately. Forgiveness is tricky, but was obviously assisted by the Christmas mood. Thank goodness, as I want my husband to live within a calm family environment.

A wonderful day. The culmination of planning and effort was delicious, thoughtful, and special.

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  1. Oh yes! those phone calls - so glad you had a good one with your sister in law. I hope you take some time out for reading your new books


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