Saturday, 8 December 2012

Tragic result

On Thursday I posted a tale about a radio prank involving Kate the Duchess of Cambridge and the hospital where she was receiving treatment.

There is a tragic chapter to add.

The nurse who took the call has suicided.

I can only begin to imagine how this woman must have felt. Obviously she received a lot of blame. I am stunned by this news.

At this stage the two radio station employees have been suspended from their duties. Is this episode a case of bullying? Is it still funny?

I truly believe that nobody should feel such despair that they take their own life. There should be help. There should be enough love to fix the problems.

Somebody could and should have done more to help this nurse. Somebody knew what her life had become. If not, then why not??? Of course they knew.
This poor woman worked in a hospital, a centre of compassionate actions. She was surrounded by people who are trained to a professional level to understand others in their hours of need. The employer had a duty of care. Her colleagues had the same, plus they were close to her physically. They could see, hear, and feel how she was coping.

Her colleagues knew what words and actions could make that vital difference and they failed her.

Her family also failed her. Where were the loving hearts when she needed them?

I now hold the opinion that criminal charges should be laid against the radio station management and personnel who took part in the hoax call. The radio station continued to broadcast their recording of the hoax phone call for seven hours after they received the news that the nurse had died. This seems like some sort of crime to me, mocking her death. The broadcasting of a telephone conversation without the full knowledge and consent of the people in the call is a breach of the broadcasting legislation in this country.

I also believe that a share of the blame and possibly charges should be laid squarely at the feel of the hospital management.

The death of this woman must not be in vain. A family is now without a loved member. A profession has lost a highly trained worker. A hospital has lost someone who cared.

If I stand idly by and allow this suicide to be just another news item, do I share the responsibility?
Every life is important. I can not do something about every death, but I feel I can make a big noise about this one.

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