Sunday, 29 January 2012

Saw the cutest little car parked in the street near our place. Beautifully restored. The sunlight is so strong here that cars like this do not last well at all. Hope it is kept under cover. I wonder how old it actually is. I notice it has new seats and fully complies with all registration requirements. Was the old indicator system those little wings that popped out next to the windows?

Morris Minor Estate Wagon. Maybe 1958???

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Music Feeds My Heart

I have spent the day in the most glorious fashion just singing. I have been a member of The Darwin Chorale for a number of years and it is truly the most wonderful thing to do. Today we had a day-long practice session becoming familiar with pieces for upcoming concerts and events. Mostly we sang a capella today and the room was packed with new people. Our usual repetiteur, James, is on holidays. I sing second alto, well mumble it and occasionally hit a good note. Today we sang most pieces in eight parts. Nora, our concert master is incredibly patient and brings out the best in all of us. So, one hundred ordinary people face new music and soon it sounds like a famous European choir.Rutter's Gaelic Blessing. Chilcott's piece God So Loved The World. Brahms's How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings. Bach's When My Last End Is Come. And a lively piece Nora wrote called You're In My Heart. Probably a bit Christian for my general taste but beautiful music. The sound fills me and bathes me and calms every part of my body.
James out marvellous repetiteur playing for us on tour in Katherine.
Part of the Timorese group who sang with us in Dili and then travelled to Australia for more touring and singing.

Our choir gives some huge concerts, sometimes with the Darwin Symphony Orchestra.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Degrees of Separation

Geoffrey Rush is the 2012 Australian of the Year. Geoffrey and I were born on the same day and his mother was in the bed next to my mother's at the hospital. I recall meeting them in town just once in Toowoomba. My memory is that he was a very small boy. The Rush family moved away to Brisbane because little Geoffrey was suffering badly with asthma. So ... how many degrees of separation would that be?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Celebrate Australia Day!!!

Wonderful at last! The wind has eased and so too the rain. I can see across the harbour. Open windows. Wide open doors. Refreshing tropical breeze. Hurrah! Hurrah!
Last night was truly scary. The noise was blizzard-like. Gale force winds rattled the glass in the windows. Potplants rocked against the walls. Leaves scratched on surfaces I could not see. Not comforting no matter what spin I put on things. Even the cat was upset, poor girl and showed it in the usual way. At last I escaped the bedroom and discovered that one room was fright-free. It amazes me that street level can be so calm but up here it seems we are living in a violent cloud. Thankfully this afternoon I found weather freedom. Plants rescued and rearranged. Nerves calm. The building site across the road is filled with murky brown water. Broken branches about the city. Leaves everywhere.
A pool party downstairs in our building celebrates Australia Day. The Fun Run and Ute Run were cancelled as well as many outdoor activities. And I usually enjoy the annual Fun Run and Walk for some completely unknown reason.
Evacuate immediately! Evacuate immediately! And so we all left the building promptly and in an orderly fashion. I heard the explosion as did several other residents. Turned out that our neighbours across the hall were responsible. Two fire engines. Two police officers.

Gazillions of people standing about on the footpath. Interesting. Memorable. Maybe even fun. And what did I do??? Abandoned my cat to be destroyed, or some other fate. I suspected a false alarm, but I was wrong. Pets are against the rules here. I wonder what I should do in the future.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

25 January 2012
This is my first attempt at this. No idea.
There is a huge wind blowing outside. Very fierce. Not a cyclone though.
Yesterday we had 225 mm rain, that is 7 inches in the old scale. Exceedingly damp I think.

I have finished my January Project and it sits snugly and smugly in the drawer. A quilted table runner in shades of soft brown - all the colours of a Darwin beach, rocks, sand, shells, dunes, driftwood.