Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Happy New Year!!!

Here are some vintage/retro greetings pictures from my files. They were sent by friends so I do not know their origins. It should be OK to share as long as no-one makes money from them I think. Perhaps two are Mabel Lucy Atwell??? I am happy to acknowledge the artists or copyright owners if I know who they are. Intellectual property is still property.

I do not make New Year resolutions any more. It inevitably resulted in feelings of guilt, so that problem has now been eliminated.

Our celebrations last night were marvellous. Fifteen minutes of non-stop fireworks over the sea. Tropical air. Gentle breeze. No rain. Alcohol free on the lawns where the free entertainment happened. Live and recorded rock music. Jugglers. Face painting. Unicyclists. A very happy and appreciative crowd. Kids having fun with glowsticks. Mums and Dads chatting. Doting grandparents. Young singles. Girls in incredibly high heeled shoes and lovely frocks. Handsome boys and young men in their best clothes and cologne. Families with picnic blankets. And we could see the lights on the Christmas trees twinkling in the apartments nearby.

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  1. lovely vintage images. Sounds like a nice New Years, too!


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