Monday, 14 January 2013

Cost of healthy living

On many blogs I see prices of food and everyday items. I thought I would share with you some of the costs where I live. These expenses are related to health.

Last week I went to the dentist. I go every six months and have been with the same practice for years. It cost $370 for my visit. Luckily my health insurance fund paid a substantial amount of that. Whoa! What a lot! Yes. No fillings or anything, just a clean by the hygienist and a quick inspection by a dentist. I think I might look around for a dentist who charges less and still gives my teeth all the right attention. There is a free dentist in town but the waiting time for an appointment is two years at the moment.

A visit to my GP usually costs $70 but I get a refund of $35.60 from the government health scheme Medicare. Some doctors choose to charge only $35.60 so that the patient pays nothing. Sometimes my doctor does and sometimes he doesn't. I have been with this practice for about twenty years.

My husband had to go to the hospital in an ambulance one day. The distance was less than 50 kilometres. The cost of $830 was completely covered by our health insurance provider. Centrelink clients, that is welfare recipients, get ambulance rides for free. Many people do not have cover for the ambulance.

I had a test to check my bone density, bone densitometry done at a medical imaging clinic. It cost $177. This test took about five minutes or less.

I do try to look after my health, mostly because I come from a very long-lived family. When I am one hundred and one I would like to be healthy enough to enjoy myself. This old woman is not from my family, but she looks rather like some I have met.

Here is a joke from the same website as the photo of the little old lady. If you are comfortable with the elderly you will see the funny side.
    Just before the funeral service began the undertaker came up to the elderly widow and asked, " How old was your husband?"
    "One hundred and four," she answered. "Two years older than me."
    "So you are one hundred and two", said the undertaker. He had thought she was much younger.
    "Yes, hardly worth going home, is it?" she replied.

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