Sunday, 6 January 2013

This morning I heard the bells from the cathedral ringing very loudly and clearly. It is Epiphany, the twelfth day of Christmas. The date is the same for both Western and Orthodox Christians.

According to the traditional story the Three Wise Men arrived to see the baby Jesus on this day. They told Mary and Joseph what they had learned about Herod's search for the special baby. The Holy Family then escaped to Egypt, escaping the slaughter of the little boys as ordered by Herod. This story filled me with amazement as a child. The historical facts add interesting perspectives as we grow and learn. Now, for me, it is just a tale that puts order in my calendar.

So now the Christmas Season is over. The tree is packed away. The decorations stored. The special plates, house linens, cards, papers, and everything else are all out of sight until the next Advent. Tomorrow people go back to work and many shops reopen.

I must admit that we still have some Christmas cake, and it is still delicious for morning teas.

Usually by now I have made a good supply of cards for next Christmas, but not this time. It is actually a fine time to get this job done while remnants of Christmas papers and such are still hanging about. Some years I have even been so filled with enthusiasm that I have already begun my craft projects for the year.

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  1. Oh wow that is really organized to be thinking of next Christmas already.... I love putting away the Christmas tree and odd ornaments around the house as I always make the time to give the house a good clean - starts the new year off on a fresh note.


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