Friday, 25 January 2013

Film Festival

We are in the midst of a film festival here, called Flix in the Wet.
These are short films produced by talented but largely unknown film makers. The films are shown in a regular cinema, because it is the Wet Season, and the festival is promoted by the Darwin Film Society. We see two feature films each week and some shorts.

One young film maker has really captured the attention of half the city. Nathaniel Kelly is a middle school student only thirteen years old. He started making his own films when he was four. When he was six he learned how to edit them. Nat has taught himself how to use a green screen and how to do most of the techniques he uses. There are few people here to teach a child this things. He won the Youth Award at this year's festival.

Here are two of his short films. He posts them all on Youtube. The first clip was made for a news broadcast and later edited before broadcast.

In this Wiggles-style film Nathaniel shows his school which is across the road from the house I used to live in. My house briefly appears in the background too. (So do lots of other houses and shops and parks and ...) Nat has filmed himself four times to represent The Wiggles. I think it is quite clever.

This haircut film is his latest and features his mother and little sister.

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