Thursday, 31 January 2013


The road broke up near my sister's place.
This summer Australia has experienced some bad situations.

The photos here come from my family and from facebook. They are intended to be shared.

The weather has been extremely hot. Global warming and all that. Temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius have been recorded in places for the first time.

A team of people managed to rescue these horses.
We have had some horrendous fires. First they were in Tasmania. My daughter was caught up in these, but only in a minor way. She was lucky. Later more bushfires started in Victoria and New South Wales. Many people lost everything. Farms were destroyed. Several people died. In some regions there were lines of cars hoping to escape only to have the roads blocked by more fires. We all now know what to pack into our kits.

These cattle found a dry spot at this farm house.
Next we experienced floods. These started in Queensland and have now extended into New South Wales. My sister lives on a farm in central Queensland and has seen her share of water lately. But it was the city of Bundaberg which captured the public interest. Two years ago many of the same areas also experienced ghastly floods and the people were very discouraged to see it happening again. In some regions the water supply system has had to be turned off because of all the debris in the water. Electricity is also a bit sporadic in places. Within a day ot two everyone can start retsoring their lives and claiming on their insurance.

People have also posted uplifting stories of rescues and hope. The volunteers who turn up afterwards to clean away the mud are known as The Mud Army. Animal rescues catch my attention.

Belinda Simpson posted the following story about finding a juvenile platypus. For those not familiar with these animals, they are incredibly rare. They are very shy and avoid people.
Belinda's photo.

Not news, but found it rather uplifting - not a sad story - thought you may be able to share :)

This little fella was found scrambling up our driveway about 200 metres uphill from Canungra Creek (Gold Coast Hinterland). We rescued him, took him home, dried him off, gave him a rest and a feed and released him late this afternoon. He was buggered after such a huge trek.

I have lived in the area for 15 years and have never seen a platypus on land before. This little guy was happy to get back to the creek. Thought it was a little bit of happiness in such a horrid time for many. Cheers.

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  1. Great photos Louise. Dorothea was on the money - it's indeed a country of droughts and flooding rains.

    PS Gorgeous platypus!


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