Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Today had some very tough moments.

My choir, the Darwin Chorale sang at a funeral. It was not a State funeral, but it was certainly close. The cathedral was packed and people stood outside to hear. Politicians, religious dignitaries, architects, the law profession, academics, engineers,  boaties and yachties, developers, ... the list goes on.

I took time off work so I could participate. About sixty of us were able to be there.

Funerals are harrowing, more so as we age. Each time now I am flooded with emotions and sensations connected to loved family and friends who have passed away. Tears flow and I am certain that people nearby are surprised. I am surprised. Croaking out a few notes becomes more and more difficult as the service progresses.

The man who was honoured today was Hans Voss, a very well known designer here. He had led an exciting, adventurous life filled with accomplishments. Family members had flown in from several European countries.

We sang some really lovely pieces - some hymns, some folk songs, some other bits. This was one. It has a few versions on Youtube but this is closest to how we performed it. It is really lovely to sing, as well as to hear. If you belong to a church then you might like to have your congregation learn it at some time.

I think I should add here that I am not Christian, in fact few of the Chorale members are. Nevertheless, we do appreciate beautiful words and music.


  1. May Peace invade your atmosphere and may your heart be comforted by Peace from this moment forward every time you experience or reflect upon the loss of family and friends.

  2. Thank you for this very lovely thought. I have learned that one can feel closer to a person after their death than during their life. Guilt could be part of that. I have also learned that in a family connections are more important than independence.


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