Saturday, 12 January 2013

Grow your blog

I am not very smart on the computer, especially when I try to put things on my blog, so here goes ... I tried adding this button to the side bar but failed. Only failed four times so far.

Over on 2 Bags Full is a campaign to get more people to read a wider variety of blogs. Here is the post.

It is an opportunity to grow a blog and also to follow blogs you may not have noticed before. Some people like to follow through google+, others by email, others in a reader. Some people just bookmark sites and check back occasionally.

No catches that I have noticed. There is a huge list now of over 200 bloggers leaving details on the comments section on the 2 Bags Full site. I found two posts about it, so scroll back a bit.

Everyone involved is to post something on 18 January and check back on the 19 January. Connections are then possible. Some bloggers are having giveaways but that is a personal choice.

All you have to lose is a little time, and maybe you were going to sleep (or save the universe) through that time anyhow. Grab a pen and paper. Go to the comments. Investigate a few. Write down some links you like. Check them again in a few days. You might find somebody really interesting, or calm, or funny, or with the same hobbies as you.


  1. Oh what a great idea - I find that I have a list of blogs that I follow and then slowly some of them fall by the wayside, and suddenly my list is much shorter. It is always good to reach out and find exciting new blogs to follow.

  2. Oh thank you for that link - I feel I need a bit of a challenge to get me up and going again. I have signed up and will be hosting a give-away.

  3. I am here from the blog party. It has been fun touring your site. I am a newbie quilter and hope to finish at least two this year (one for each of my adult children who also don't live at home).

    I LOVED the "An Unexpected Christmas." We played it at our church on Christmas Eve. The congregation wasn't expecting that! I didn't notice that the warriors' wings were upside down until you said.


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