Friday, 11 January 2013

Last days of Christmas break

I shall be back at work on Monday morning so am truly squeezing every delicious moment out of my last few days. Sewing. Cooking. Reading. Making cards. Watching films. Fiddling about on the computer.

I like following links on the internet - nothing risky, just wasting time there.

People post amazing ideas on facebook and lots of pictures are easily copied but the origins are often lost. Years ago I was quite open about my facebook page. Anyone could see the lot. Then I found that children I knew from work, many children, were visiting my page and asking to be my facebook friend. I contacted their schools and reminded the  principals that this contravened the facebook rules, but I doubt they did anything. It all seemed somehow sordid. I took down my page completely. About two years later I started it up again, but this time with much more privacy. It is just for family and people I know well. Australians are so conditioned to being stoic that we rarely post anything about feeling despondent, having any problems, or running into difficulties. But facebook helps our family keep in touch, with pictures.

Sometimes I feel like a sticky beak the way I read blogs by ordinary people simply living. I like to read about life in other countries and am interested in customs from different cultural groups. But it is the style that probably engages me most. All the blogs I follow are written in a similar style. Not too erudite. No bad language. Regular posts. Short sentences. Plenty of pictures. All in English.
Found on facebook.
  • Have you looked at Gurney Journey?  It is by the artist behind Dinotopia and each post has something to do with visual art. A little slice of education every now and then opens my mind and helps me see. The author is in New York I think.
  • Sew Delicious  is having a swap that looks like fun. I like to sew and this little blogger makes all sorts of things. At the moment she is organising a swap of a pouch filled with chocolate bars. Not expensive. Not complicated. The only hard part will be the posting of the parcel to the assigned partner. I have never tried this before.
  • Collage of Life   is from an American woman who lives in Vietnam. She calls her house Chateau Mango. Her life seems quite unlike mine.
And where would I be without youtube to solve my sewing dilemmas, usually quilting.
Or the gazillion recipes, many of which are very interesting to my conservative taste buds. Made baked beans muffins again just a few days ago. Will be attempting a galette from Smitten Kitchen today.

Must check my own bucket list and finish a few domestic tasks.
Must give my plants some tender loving care before the monsoon arrives, if it ever does this year. It is very late.

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  1. Louise-
    I have just loaded your blog in place for my Grow Your Blog party. I look forward to your special post on the 19th. I hope you make lots and lots of friends!


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