Wednesday, 9 January 2013

More quilting

Yes, I am hiding behind this quilt. Toes. Fingers.
My daughter needed a quilt to take to visit a new baby. This is my effort. The new family was surprised and happy with the gift. I feel it is a good size for a child to play on and to rest on if they go somewhere. My quilts are intended to be useful rather than artworks on a wall.

I had quite a lot of trouble but the result is reasonable. I ran into a spot of bother with the tension on my sewing machine. The other area causing a problem was that by sewing diagonally there was slight stretching. The result is a bit of a frilly appearance near the edges.

It is a variation on a jelly roll. Maybe a dessert roll which is actually the same but wider.

I like pink, but Camilla decided that other colours would be better. I am pleased that I made the border and the binding the same green fabric. The back is the same as the pink and green splotchy border near the edge. You can see some extra pieces of the same fabric in among the colours. I used pieces I already had and needed to buy only a few new fabrics. I like the random nature of the sizes and I tried very hard to avoid any symmetry or pattern of colours.

I have learned from this experience that it is essential to plan more than I have done in the past. Creative expression has limits. Bit by bit my quilting is improving. My corners are still weak and I need to get this right, especially as I give these quilts away usually.

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