Thursday, 3 January 2013

Pet sitting

During this holiday period I have been minding a dog.
The owners went on holidays and needed a little help. Fortunately I do not have to live in the house for these friends; I visit every day. Sometimes several times a day. The drive is enjoyable.
Jet, the dog who does not want to be still.

The dog, Jet, is a darling. He is a family pet but being big he loves to run along the fence and scare the living daylights out of people. That suits me. Barking and menacing are his main duties.

Jet is terribly lonely without a houseful of people so each morning I spend as long as possible talking to him, grooming, fussing, and so forth. We remove weeds and collect garden litter. We rake leaves and water if necessary. Jet likes gardening and enjoys the digging part the best. He seems not very good at it and must try again and again.

Because of the season and the weather conditions poor Jet is suffering badly with ticks. We do not get paralysis ticks here but Jet has brown dog ticks, Rhipecephalus sanquineus. I remove and kill many ticks each day by hand. Horrible. The vet can give an injection but I used a spot spray and also bought a shampoo. He loved his bath. The results are not as effective but Jet is not my dog and interfering is not the way to keep friends. Here is a link about this type of tick.
The same type of tick is common in Townsville and here is a clip from one of the vets there.

Jet does not wear a collar at home but he has one and is microchipped. The owners are not keen on vet attention so he gets a trifle neglected as you can see by his claws. Jet thrives on the attention he is getting but I worry about him when there are thunderstorms. I bought some old blankets and cushions from the op shop to make a safe haven in a corner of the verandah where he can curl up and feel comfortable.

I was not brought up with dogs but I have come to love them. We have had only two dogs as pets; they were more family members actually. Perhaps the dogs had me as a pet.

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