Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sew sew sew little machine

The sewing machine has been getting a good workout lately. Very happy with the result.

One of my brothers-in-law is feeling unwell and having many many medical tests. It is quite difficult to get to the hospital because of where they live. Age does not make this easier either. This process has been going on for months and little progress has been achieved. Don knows he has some sort of blood cancer, but that is not what is making him sick.

This small quilt is backed with fabric patterned with cranes. Some is used on the front too. Cranes mate for life and such loving attentive creatures. So is Don. All the strips were remnants from other projects. I made a patch with his name so that the quilt is returned to him wherever it goes.

My trusty machine is now very well behaved. (I am not always so well behaved of course.) The quilt is nice and flat thank goodness. Quilting on the bias makes me nervous, and I am not very proficient at it. Well, improvement takes both time and experience. I am determined to learn more quilting skills and expand my repertoire. If I have time (!!!) I could join a patchwork and quilting club. But then again all the answers are probably on Youtube.

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  1. Oh what a beautiful quilt! I love the idea of using fabric with cranes. I think your quilt is very professional. It is hard when loved ones are ill and far away.


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