Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Hobbit

I went to see The Hobbit at my local cinema. Well, actually the first part of the trilogy of The Hobbit. I admit I have not read the book even though it has been in our home for over thirty years.

It is expensive here to go to the cinema. Tickets for this film were $23 each and more if you needed the 3D glasses. I used my Seniors card and got in for half price. I am keeping my special glasses for future films.

What did I think of it?
Very engaging.
Very long, at nearly three hours.
A bit too much computer assistance, but that may be the only way to represent some of the story. Characters fall huge distances and are largely uninjured. Mud does not stick and stain. Stuff like that. But it is fiction, and I am too picky if I expect a tale like this to look like non-fiction.
Lots of violence and scary characters, which is appropriate in this story. I found the physical appearance of the antagonists more believable than in Lord of the Rings.
Many wide landscape shots. Perhaps this is a cinematic device intended to convey hardship, endurance, effort, stamina, and distance, but it does not do that for me. Admittedly the scenery is fascinatingly rugged.
Costuming and make up are superb. The wigs and beards are amazing. I recognised a few of the actors from other films, but only by their voices. Little touches such as Gandalph's dirty fingernails add to the atmosphere.
I thoroughly enjoyed the sets even though some must be computer generated or enhanced. There must be many highly skilled cutlers, carpenters and propmakers working for Peter Jackson.
The music is similar to the Lord of the Rings music, but not overpoweringly so. Just a hint. Very dramatic and full music creates the moods of various scenes. Really well done.

This is not a film for children. It is too long and too violent if you want your children to grow up to be well balanced. The images could stay in the memory of a child and cause nightmares and problems later in life. (Yes, I have seen this happen in real life as a child, a parent and as a teacher - from other experiences though, not this film.)

Would I recommend The Hobbit? Yes, yes indeed. You do not have to know about Tolkein and his work to enjoy this film.

I am certain I will go to the other two parts of the story.

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  1. I enjoyed it too. I found it really different to Lord of the Rings, and I think that is because I knew the LOTR story, but I've never read the Hobbit. I will definitely go and see the next two films as well.


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