Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Wedding gift

Recently one of my nephews married his one true love. They came home from Belgium where they work to have the ceremony at his parents' home. Some of her family came over from Sweden for the occasion. It was decided that because there would be such an imbalance of family members only the closest family would attend. It was a civil ceremony, but with all the trimmings.

Experience has taught our family that for us to attend a wedding interstate costs many thousands of dollars. We decided to give money, the same as we have done for two other weddings recently. Usually the couple are happy to buy something of their own choosing, and we have learned to be careful to keep the gift at a value that does not embarrass other family members. David and Mia chose the charity UNICEF instead of receiving the money themselves. A lovely and loving suggestion.

Here is a link about how this is done.  http://www.unicef.org.au/Charity-Gifts.aspx

Our gift was 1000 measles vaccinations and 1000 polio vaccinations. While some people proclaim that vaccinations are not conducive to good health our family does not follow that belief. Our entire family is delighted that the love of our cousins is shared, protecting vulnerable people from diseases.

If a similar situation arises for you, I truly encourage you to think of this type of gift. This couple came together with more than enough possessions.

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