Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Who owns who, or whom?

Lexi, my boss
I have a cat. Dare I say I own a cat? Probably not. This cat owns me.

Ralph playing on a tropical beach
It appears to me that Lexi believes she is equal in status to adult humans and should be treated accordingly at all times. She pats me on the arm when she wants my attention. If that does not work she has some pretty amazing tricks with her claws.
Lexi once belonged to our son, then us, then our daughter, then back to us. She has flown in planes, and lived in many different homes. She really likes to eat prawns, but they must be raw and completely shelled. Lexi has her own chair in our lounge room, but also commandeers any other chair at any time. Hiding on a dining chair, under the tablecloth is a favourite ploy.

Cats and dogs are very easy to love. The affection is returned so openly.

We owned (were owned by) two dogs in the past and were incredibly heartbroken when they passed away. Ralph was my husbands faithful companion after his redundancy. Ralph is a long and complicated story and I am not sure I could write it.

I found a terrific page on facebook which has wonderful animal photos. Go to: I love PETS - Australia.
I copied a couple of their pictures to share with you. The photos of Lexi and Ralph are mine, but all the others come from I love PETS - Australia. 

If you get the correct authorisation from Parks and Wildlife you may have a pet crocodile at home. The photo here is an alligator I think. Apparently fresh water crocs can be trained, if you have the right temperament and a cooperative animal. You know what? I would not enjoy cleaning up after a crocodile.

Of course you can not have a fairy penguin for a pet. That would be astonishingly cruel. I know they are kept in some parks and marine life centres, but in those situations they do have many professional carers. Vets. Zoo keepers. Vet nurses.

When I was a preschool teacher we had pet mice. The children would often let them go and the mice soon learned to run behind the piano. Retrieving the little darlings and getting them safely back in their cage was challenging, but no child ever saw me flinch. I do not like mice or rats or tiny hopping marsupials that look like mice. I do not enjoy holding them, feeling them tremble with uncertainty. More than a few calming breaths are required.

Sheep are easy to love of course. When I was a child there were sheep kept as pets in my town. Yes, in a civilised  and sophisticated urban setting.
Alpacas? Completely outside my range.

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  1. Pets. What would we do without them? :)
    My 'boss' is Sarah Jane but while she is our sons cat, she is my husbands body guard. She just 'bosses' me, for some reason she thinks I should only be seated behind the sewing machine, no where else.


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