Sunday, 3 February 2013

Cruise liner in port

This afternoon a cruise liner sailed steadily into the harbour, As I watched I thought it a strange time for this to happen. Usually they come in the early morning.

The Seven Seas Voyager really does look this wonderful.
The ship is the Seven Seas Voyager which is part of the Regent Cruise Line. It is a very luxurious ship with nearly 450 crew for only 700 passengers. The cabins and staterooms look quite roomy in the photos on their website. The ship was coming from Cairns.

I have copied the photo from the website and just cropped it to fit better on my page. You can read some more about the ship at this site.

Later on the local news there was a horrible item. It seems that a member of the crew was found dead in her cabin. The NT Police are investigating. How terrible for everyone. Absolutely disastrous for the woman of course. She was only 24. Sad for her family and friends. Not so nice for the other crew. An interesting but unpleasant experience for the passengers on their holiday. If her death was not from natural causes it could indicate that there is a murderer on board. Would you enjoy travelling with such a person?

I wonder how long the Voyager will have to stay here. Our Police are good blokes but not highly experiences in carrying out investigations of mysterious deaths. Their usual line of work is quite different.

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  1. Good Morning Louise, I don't think I would like to be on that cruise ship. I know I would not rest easy knowing they found a body. I have enjoyed reading your previous post learning more about your homeland. I love traveling, seeing new places, learning about new people, without even leaving my house. With hubby starting the 5th month in the nursing home, travel is still out of the question. Have a wonderful day. I love the little pink flowers and make me want Spring even that much more. Hugs and Prayers from a Missouri Friend.


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