Saturday, 9 February 2013

Cynical Aussie wife

Australians have a distinctive sense of humour. We like our jokes to be a little sour. Dry wit is preferred. Cynicism is considered worthy of deep thought and generally amusing. Irony is favoured, but sarcasm is not always considered funny. Puns may be the lowest form of wit, but Australians like them.

Aussies need to be careful with racist and sexist jokes as these are not always thought to be funny.  They are not appropriate in the well-run workplace. One could easily end up in court for such comments.

That being said, here is a joke that I find hilarious.

What do I find funny here? Is it the concept that a wife might be obedient? Is it the idea that God speaks to men? Is it the phrase 'corners of the earth' juxtaposed against 'round'? Is it because someone has been outwitted? Is it really sexist? Personally I think that any man worth his salt could easily change the picture and a few words to create a joke in favour of men. Maybe it is not actually sexist or offensive, and just plain funny.

I must sit down with a refreshing cuppa and consider these matters. A wife such as myself could spend several hours on this task. I might even need the TV on at the same time.

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