Monday, 4 February 2013

Update on cruise ship death

The Voyager sailed for Bali today, rather late but at least on the correct day.

The NT Police have determined that the young lady died of natural causes and there are no suspicious circumstances. An autopsy was performed and her family has been notified. Perhaps she had an asthma attack, or a stroke, or a heart attack, or some other sudden crisis in her sleep. The Police are not telling. An inquest will still be conducted but that could be quite a long time away yet.
The woman who died was a member of the entertainment troupe and a very talented singer. A few clips of her at work were broadcast on our TV news programs. Her name was Jackie Kastrinelis and she came from Massachusetts.

It is sad for everyone actually. As parents we send our young people off to travel the world and to learn about ways of life in other places. We all miss them but know that the independence and growth will make them better people for the rest of their lives. It is horrible when they never come back at all.

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