Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine's day happiness

Each year my sweet, caring husband takes an active role in making sure we celebrate Valentine's Day.
My hand stitched card and the miniquilt that I made a previous year.
On our very first Valentine's Day he hired a car, presented me with a saucepan and took me to a place that he hoped would become our home. We had met just two weeks earlier. It is a strong, lasting relationship.

This year we gave each other gifts at breakfast time.

And for dinner at night we had veal croquettes and champagne style wine from Chile. My hero constructed a lovely dessert with ice-cream, pink meringues, and raspberries. Schubert played in the background. Relaxing, romantic and indulgent.

I am into the orange fashionable accessories thing at the moment. So this long orange necklace was just right. It coordinates well with the orange handbag and shoes I already own. If I am not careful I just might start behaving like a fashionista!!!

I gave him an antique box from Burma. It is papier mache over glass and is intricately made. There is an interior removable dish, making two compartments. It was described as a trinket box, but I suspect that actually it may have something to do with betel nut. The outer cover is about 8cm in diameter.

The box has tiny glass tiles in the elaborate design.

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