Saturday, 9 March 2013

Film clip of my tropical city

I found this film clip on Youtube and thought it reasonably well done. It is like an old fashioned slide show and is quite long. The narrator sounds as if he is elderly, and might possibly have a hearing loss. Probably he visited Darwin for a week or two on holidays. Another person's view of my environment.

Many people find the multicultural nature of life here to be outside their comfort zone initially. In time some of that arrogance fades.
We do not routinely shoot every crocodile even though salt water crocodiles do occasionally eat people. Both salt water and freshwater crocs are protected. Why? This is their territory and the humans are the intruders. People have lived here alongside the crocodiles for about 60 000 years. It's true. That long.
Enjoy this window into a tropical lifestyle.

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  1. Good Morning Louise, My daughter-in-law spent 6 weeks in your country and she talked about the beauty of it. She worked on a flower farm and remains friends with the family that she stayed with. She even had flowers from there in her bouquet. I have enjoyed learning about all the different countries and cultures. I love listen to people talk. We had a gentleman come in where I use to work that was from your country and I love to listen to him talk about your country. The waterfalls were beautiful. I have enjoyed reading your previous post. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.


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