Monday, 4 March 2013

Cruise liners in port today

Queen Victoria
This morning I watched two cruise liners come into the harbour. The Europa is a small boutique style cruise ship. The other is the Queen Victoria, a sister ship to the Queen Mary 2 which visited last year.

The Queen Victoria looks huge to me. Enormous.
Here is a link about this ship.
It has been raining all day so I could not get a good photo. Here is a photo from Wikipedia.
The library. But which person is the librarian?
Actually the Queen Victoria is not considered a true ocean liner because the hull is not constructed with the required heavy plating. It is apparently the cheap version of a Cunard liner, but it is a Cunard so you still get the grand treatment. It seems very luxurious to me. Would you believe it, but they even have a librarian on board for the guest library. It is a classless ship which means that all passengers have access to all facilities. The cabins are not all the same though.

The Europa is considered the finest cruise ship in the world today. For the lucky ones with good taste. It belongs to the Holland America Line. Customs on board are conservative. Men are expected to wear suits for fine dining. Good casual wear is the norm during the day; you know, what you wear to the Country Club! Here is one review of the Europa.

You probably already know that the majority of cruise ship passengers are women, and the majority of passengers in general are older people. They have the time and the resources after all. Around town today there are approximately 4000 extra oldies from both these ships spending their money and boosting the local economy. Both ships leave at about sunset.

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