Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The artist from the other side of the world

A little while ago I participated in Vicky's Grow Your Blog Party. It was fun. Some of the bloggers hosted giveaways. Of course I entered if I thought the gift would be a lovely extra. But actually I did not really think it would come to anything. Lots of bloggers. Lots of readers. Big distances. Postal services in some places are not very reliable. And more.

But I was lucky. An artist in Germany offered one of her fibre creations as a prize. It was pretty. She seems talented and generous. I entered and I was chosen. Hurrah! Fantastic! Lucky me!

This is Eusebia Blumenstengel's blog. I noticed she has a shorter name, Ines.

Then I waited. But it did not take long. A parcel arrived this week. The angel-fairy is so soft and delicate. She is like a vision. She has an invisible face but somehow there is communication. There is a line to suspend her from a ceiling or a curtain rod.

I have put the angel-fairy to one side for the day I have a grandchild. I can see it hanging over a bassinet. Watching. Guiding. Caring. Bringing beauty.

Thank you Eusebia. This is wonderful and fills me with gentle emotions every time I look at your creation. You are talented indeed.


  1. Oh that is so pretty - light and airy. What a wonderful idea to put aside for your grandchild.

  2. O it is wonderful! and how special for you to save it for a future child in your life. Wow!


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