Thursday, 25 April 2013

Anzac Day 2013

I was up early this morning to be at the cenotaph by 5.30 for the Dawn Service.
Thousands and thousands of people. The Army Band played and I sang with the Darwin Chorale. Very moving speeches. Lots of wreaths. Wonderful bugler. Tears. Poppies.

This is part of the crowd at the cenotaph after the ceremony.
It is about seven o'clock.
Students had trays of red poppies and
members of the public could choose one and lay it on the steps.

I think this poster really points out just how fragile the Diggers were
compared to today's defence personnel.
What is ANZAC Day? The letters stand for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Troops landed at Gallipoli and fought bravely in a desperate situation during World War I in a huge battle against the Turks. Eventually the survivors were evacuated. Many had died. We remember their bravery in adverse conditions. We remember that Australians band together and help each other. We remember the fallen and the injured. We remember how fortunate we are.

Both my parents were soldiers in World War II. Both suffered injuries.

I know that soldiers on both sides do as they are ordered. They are all brave. Their job is to kill and they do their best. Torture, injury, napalm, land mines, bombs, IEDs, terrorism, guerrillas, bullets that cause the most injury. To me it is not right, but I do understand why. The UN does its best. The rest is up to us.

I know what the soldier lives with later, because our family lived with it too.

Anzac Day helps a little.

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