Friday, 26 April 2013

Boys and boats

My photo of The Octopus was a disaster.
This one is from Wikipedia.
We have had an interesting yacht moored in our harbour. It has been these since before Easter and I remember that I saw it in the harbour last year for a while too. A really big yacht. I have seen smaller cruise ships. It left last night. 

The ship is The Octopus, which belongs to Paul Allen. Who is Paul Allen? He and Bill Gates are Microsoft; well they were and then it grew and so forth. They are both now rather wealthy. Paul Allen also owns another whopping huge luxury yacht. I am not sure why he needs two, but if this makes him happy and useful then all must be right with the world.

Paul Allen
The Octopus is described as a superyacht and is one of the largest ever built, in this class. Ships like this are usually owned by heads of state or corporations. It is 213 metres long and I think I can see six decks. There are two helicopters, and they use them. The big one is at the back and the small one at the front. There is a 19 metre tender docked in the transom, and half a dozen zodiacs and small boats for getting things done. There are two submarines, one of which is remote controlled for looking at the ocean floor. There is a pool of course, and there are places at the sides for jet skis.

Paul Allen is younger than me and is extremely clever. It is sometimes difficult in life for the highly intelligent, but he seems to manage well. He is one of the richest people in the world with billions of dollars; why am I not smart enough to achieve this I wonder. He gives away millions of dollars every year and has a company just to manage his philanthropic efforts. He is the most generous philanthropist in the US, even better at it than Bill Gates. Clever, rich, and good. That is an amazing combination.

Here is a link to a biography of this interesting person.

So I wonder what he does on his lovely yacht. Darwin is a good place to be of course and he must like it or he would not have come back again this year. At weekends the big helicopter disappears so I guess they go somewhere camping or fishing or exploring or partying or studying or working or knitting socks or something. With two submarines this boat must work for its keep I suppose. Maybe they explore the ocean floor and write reports.

Life is rather interesting sometimes.

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