Friday, 5 April 2013

Easter holiday

This is the view of the venue from the harbour.
I went to Sydney for Easter. Home again. The trip was great.

The major reason for going such a long way was to see the opera Carmen.  This was performed on a floating stage on Sydney harbour. It was marvellous, fantastic, spectacular, and more. I loved it. Our seats were front and centre. We had a terrific view of the stage and all the activity.

Audience members could choose to arrive by water taxi, but we walked. Fine weather. Warm, but not hot.

On the land there was a recreation of a village square with tables, benches, shops, food outlets, drinks of all sorts, everything.

Here is a link.

This is part of the village atmosphere.
Restaurants and more.
If you have the opportunity then do see this production. It was a mixture of the correct period and 1960s. Sound was terrific and all singers wore mics. The orchestra was hidden from public view because it was under the stage. Ramps allowed performers onto the circular stage. Huge cranes positioned props. The dancing was magical, colourful with costumes. The lighting was perfect.

It was worth every cent, and by the way, this took a whole year's savings.
We stayed in a very lovely hotel in the CBD, the Grace Hotel. I also paid for my son and his girlfriend to stay there for a few days.
We also went to the opera house, the museum, the Rocks, and more. I will probably bore you silly with more chitchat about our trip.

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  1. Hi Louise, I have enjoyed your trip that you share as it is my way of traveling. I love all kinds of music and floating stage sound awesome. I know that some shows are worth that front and center seat even though they do cost more. Your little angel in the previous post is awesome and watching over your grand baby will be the ideal spot. It is always fun to have a few days away. Have a great weekend. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.


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