Thursday, 18 April 2013


I accept that ageing brings some limitations. I also notice that it affects people in different ways. Memory is one of these. Sometimes this is a problem, other times it is not.

I work with a man who is becoming increasingly forgetful lately. Perhaps it is not ageing that is the cause, as he is five years younger than I am. Still in his fifties. Perhaps he has much on his mind. Perhaps he is ill, but does not know it.

I have not said anything to him yet. I fill in the gaps myself, imagining that retains the dignity of the situation. I am not sure how other people handle it.

I need some advice.

The work situation is a busy kitchen with gas, sharp knives, hot oil, hot food, and more. The clients are not in a position to eat elsewhere. We must meet not only the industrial standard, but our employer's very high standard of hygiene. We are doing all this at the moment. The other workers are much younger, from a very different culture, and have poor English. I do not want to cause any problems with management for this man. I do not know his family. He is a good person, a nice man.

How long should I wait? How can I tactfully mention it without appearing rude?

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  1. Sounds like a very difficult situation... Perhaps if you're friendly with this man you could try to ease into the topic somehow and try and get an idea if he is aware of the problem himself? Forgetfulness can have so many reasons, it can be temporary from stress or lack of sleep, or a sign of more serious disease. In either case he might need some help??


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