Monday, 15 April 2013

Time out

Tropical beach at East Point. Rocky. Isolated. Gentle breeze.
No, you should not really go in the water yet.
The marine stingers can be fatal.
We went for a short walk at East Point Reserve. Time out but not time wasted. Time to rejuvenate. Time to breathe.

East Point is a large reserve of 200 hectares in the midst of the suburbs. During World War II there were over 250 thousand troops stationed in that area, mainly at Dudley Point. Times were grim indeed. A few gun emplacements and other structures remain and there is a modern Military Museum.

Our City Council maintains this reserve which has mixed use. There is a Model Aero Club with a big oval for flying undisturbed. The pony club has been there for about fifty years. We have been to the restaurant, Peewee's at the Point, several times for super special occasions.

The area is a mixture of monsoon vine forest, trimmed and tended picnic areas, parkland, mangroves, cliffs, sandy beaches, native vegetation, and more. At the moment the vegetation is still lush and green, but as the months pass the grass will turn brown and the vines will die back.
Pony club horses in one of the paddocks.

We walked past the Fannie Bay Equestrian Club. Look at these lovely animals grazing so peacefully in one of the paddocks. Later I saw a girl preparing to ride one. A perfect home for horses.

From time to time the population of wallabies grows too large, requiring relocation and other interventions. At present there are about 600 wallabies living in the area, but they stay hidden during most of the day.

Always something interesting to see and do. As we strolled along there were families cycling, walkers on fitness programs, and picnickers.

We saw two northern kingfishers, startlingly blue. They flew away before I managed a photo. A cormorant was perched atop a cliff. I heard some cockatoos but could not see them. Falcons and kites are returning and we saw some soaring on the currents.

These tiny white flowers were about 1 cm across.
The vine was at the edge of the walking path
getting plenty of light.
The Wet Season has cleaned and freshened everything. Trees have grown. Vines have tangled here and there. Branches have fallen, providing a home for small animals. Now the seasons are changing and many of the plants are in flower. East Point Reserve is peaceful because it is so large. We are so lucky to have this place available, right within the city limits.

Is it always hot here, so close to the equator? No. The daily maximum here is the same year round, between 30 and 34 degrees Celsius. Not hot. The humidity changes a lot though. During the Wet it can often be 95%. During the Dry as low as 30%. The Dry is often windy, but that can depend on the location. Being on the coast means that our weather is mild and comfortable.

I really enjoy reading about the places other bloggers live. And their weather. What they find hot or cold. Their storms. Sometimes it is very different from the life I know.

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