Saturday, 4 May 2013

May Day

Do you celebrate May Day?
It is very important to me because it marks progress in industrial conditions for workers.

So I celebrate May Day. Yes, I have marched through the streets in a May Day parade. I have always belonged to the union and I do my best to behave in the workplace in a manner that reflects the value of a fair day's work. A fair day's pay for a fair day's work. I have always been paid according to my job and skills, not according to my gender. I believe in treating the worker with respect in order to maintain a happy workplace where the tasks actually are done to the industry standard. Some rather hideous things can happen in unregulated industries in some countries. Management!!
This weekend there will be a huge free concert sponsored by the trade unions in our city. I will enjoy watching the parade through the streets too, but just watching now.

But May Day means something different to other people in other places. I saw in the blog A Little Fur In The Paint the loveliest images about May Day.

The following pictures are from that blog. Romantic. Idealistic. Charming. Nostalgic. They remind me of the folk dancing I did as a child at school. We had a May Pole and performed at festivals and fetes. I loved it.

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