Saturday, 25 May 2013

What is water?

A was offended by the actions of the young men who hacked a British soldier to death this week. They acted as if they knew it all. The man who spoke so publicly seemed insane to me. The soldier was a musician. Did his wife see him leave the house that day thinking she would never see him alive again? Did the murderers' mothers and fathers chat at breakfast and know what the plans were? What was the reality of the people involved?

A few days ago I was speaking with a friend and she told me about her reality. She had been very busy visiting her son in the hospital each day for the past month. He has a serious illness which does not stay under the radar, but jumps up from time to time and requires lots of support. She could have gone to work, but her priority was her son.

I work part time in a menial job. The other workers have varied backgrounds. Some are university graduates. Most are reliable workers whose future fell crashing down at some time. The reality in this work is not about satisfaction, achievement, generosity, love, kindness, physical fitness, beauty, or philosophy.

A friend sent me a link to This Is Water. Reality is the water around us. I started to watch and thought it was rubbish, but a niggling thought kept me going. It is worth it. The video is based on a speech and so has a different structure from the usual style. The essence is asking us to think about reality and what the daily life is really like for other people. I hope it stirs your thoughts the way it did mine.

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for sharing this video. I believe we all need to be reminded that we have a choice to make in every situation.


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